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95%VideoOct 2011

Anonymous - The bankers ARE the problem

(8:15) Firm message from Anonymous concerning Occupy Wall Street and the bankers. Next video shows bankers mocking Occupy Wall Street protesters as they march below.


94%AnimationOct 2015

Syria, who is fighting who, and why?

(5:24) How the Syrian civil war became the mess it is today.


93%VideoJul 2013

Very smart 12-year-old kid protests Egypt's fascist theocracy

(2:50) October 19, 2012: Interview with 12-year-old Ali Ahmed by Egyptian newspaper El Wady.


93%VideoSep 2011

Anonymous message: Occupy the planet

With the advent of social networks and groups like Anonymous, people power now has teeth, as demonstrated by the Arab Spring. Leaderless 'hacking' group Anonymous calls for the 99% to take part and occupy.


93%PictureOct 2011

Protest song


90%VideoFeb 2013

Remembering the 2011 Egyptian uprising

(4:27) The revolution will be televised, the iconic images that stoked the 18 days of Egypt's 2011 uprising.


89%VideoJun 2009

Iran's Twitter revolution

Rachel Maddow speaks to Nico Pitney, national editor at the Huffington Post

89%VideoOct 2011

What is wrong with modern capitalism?

(11:27) Immanuel Wallerstein, American sociologist and expert in world affairs, talks to Russia Today about how modern capitalism has reached the end of its life, and the crisis we are going through now is much wider than an economic crash.

88%PictureNov 2011

Egyptian protesters protect themselves

Egypt's second uprising has spawned imaginative self-defence technology in the battle against tear gas and flying projectiles. Occupiers may learn a thing or two from their Arab counterparts.


88%VideoFeb 2012

Beatles Occupy Revolution

(3:56) The revolution has begun.