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97%VideoSep 2014

IKEA enter technology sector

(2:29) Are Apple and Samsung quaking in their boots? IKEA introduce the revolutionary bookbook.


97%VideoDec 2011

Luis von Ahn - Massive-scale online collaboration

(16:40) Who'd have thought that with some brilliant lateral thinking, CAPTCHAs (the annoying security test that verifies you're human) can be simultaneously used to benefit humanity.

95%VideoDec 2011

Kurt Cobain on life and literature (1993)

(23:11) Nirvana's Kurt Cobain was hailed as "the spokesman of a generation". He gives a sweet and candid interview to Erica Ehm of Canada's Much Music TV program, talking about literature, feminism among other things. Nine months later, he killed himself.


94%VideoMay 2014

Elizabeth Warren: Washington is rigged for the rich

(2:40) Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts reads from her book 'A Fighting Chance'.


94%VideoAug 2014

Bill Maher reads from Rick Warren's 'The Purpose Driven Life'

(9:08) Bill Maher discusses Rick Warren's intimate knowledge of God's mind as outlined in his book "The Purpose Driven Life".


94%VideoOct 2015

Covers - A series of 55 animated vintage book graphics

(5:05) A twist on already great graphics from vintage book covers.


94%VideoApr 2016

Transformers 30 Years Anniversary Pop-Up Book

(4:50) Amazing Transformers pop-up book that features real paper transformations.

94%VideoOct 2017

Pop-up cards designed by Peter Dahmen

(2:39) Amazing creations in card.

94%VideoOct 2017

From scammer to saint

(4:43) I was contacted by a guy in Liberia who wanted me to ship him electronic devices. Instead I gave him something better.


94%VideoSep 2009

The Origin of Stupidity

Romanian chick takes on The Banana Guy and his toyboy sidekick Kirk Cameron