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95%VideoOct 2012

Landing on a Russian aircraft carrier POV

(3:44) Onboard a Russian MiG 29 jet fighter as it makes rendezvous with an aircraft carrier.


94%VideoJun 2015

Stealth Bombers land at RAF Fairford

(2:31) UFO or modern bomber?

94%VideoOct 2014

Why every kid wants to be a pilot

(2:51) Cockpit view time-lapse of the aproach to Hatay Airport in Turkey.

93%VideoJan 2015

POV airliner landing in thickest fog

(0:38) With the aid of Cat III auto landing system, pilots land at Zurich airport in thick fog.


92%VideoJul 2013

Aircraft carrier landing in a sand storm

(0:36) Blind landing on an aircraft carrier during a sandstorm in the Persian Gulf in 2003.


92%VideoNov 2009

Plane aborts take-off

An Ilyushin IL-18 Coot ( Alada D2-FFR) Operated by DHL aborts takeoff from the 8202 ft long airstrip at Cabinda, West Africa (13 July 2009)


91%VideoNov 2009

Small plane emergency landing on Florida road

(1:22) Pilot forced to make an emergency landing in a residential street due to engine failure.


91%VideoJun 2009

Seaplane take-off fail

De Havilland Canada DHC-2 Beaver gets blown off course while taking off, narrowly missing the videographer before crashing


91%VideoJul 2015

Hustlers - Grumman Greyhound US carrier supply planes



91%VideoSep 2015

Airbus A380 crosswind landing at Dusseldorf

(1:45) The world's largest airliner buffeted by strong winds at Dusseldorf Airport, Germany.