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97%VideoFeb 2016

Thunderf00t responds to feminist Buzzfeed video

(13:20) Buzzfeed posted a video called "36 Questions Women Have For Men" that wound up Thunderf00t so much he had to respond.


94%VideoJul 2015

Thunderf00t unplugged on Pluto

(13:39) British scientist and atheist blogger Philip Mason shares his thoughts on pictures just sent back from Pluto.

94%VideoJul 2018

Brexit: The Disaster Movie!

(32:58) A complete and utter shambles. Thunderf00t reviews the Brexit disaster movie that is playing out right now.


88%VideoJul 2017

Thunderf00t busts Trump's solar wall idea

(23:16) Even dumber than Solar Roadways?

87%VideoJul 2011

Thunderf00t vs Westboro Baptist Church

(19:01) YouTube atheist Thunderf00t interviews Margie and Megan Phelps from Westboro Baptist Church. It's a difficult discussion that feels as if it could turn to fists at any moment. Thunderf00t finally got to ask whether Jesus endorsed homosexuality. That question swiftly ended the interview.


87%VideoNov 2015

Paris shootings, worst fears realised

(5:10) Sadly, it looks like Islamic State have worked out that shooting people is more effective than trying to blow them up.


87%VideoAug 2016

Hyperloop, busted!

(28:36) Thunderf00t makes a feasibility study of the Hyperloop, a high speed public transport system based on an idea by Elon Musk.

87%VideoJul 2017

Thunderf00t - Brexit 1 year on

(19:11) British scientist and Youtuber Thunderf00t reminds us how we got to where we are today with Brexit.

87%VideoSep 2017

Hyperloop - I want to believe

(8:30) Thunderf00t doubles down on his criticisms of Hyperloop.


87%VideoOct 2017

BFR - Earth to Earth: BUSTED!

(21:03) British scientist Thunderf00t takes a look at Elon Musk's plan for Earth to Earth travel via the BFR rocket.