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VideoFeb 2020

How pre-packaged sandwiches are made

(5:56) Wherever you travel, pre-packeged sandwiches are almost always on offer. Here's how they're made in mass quantities.


VideoMar 2020

HyperChange | Tesla and SpaceX to make ventilators

(7:18) After tweeting that fear of Covid-19 was worse than the virus itself, Elon Musk changed his stance and offered to manufacture ventilators for US hospitals.

VideoMar 2014

How Dr Martens are made

(3:50) The art of industrial manufacturing.


VideoDec 2008

Ford in Brazil

Putting it all together under one roof amid the remnants of the Atlantic Rainforest.


VideoMay 2012

How rope is made

(5:00) Surprisingly interesting clip showing how rope is made, the process from start to finish.

VideoSep 2013

The "Willy Wonka" of Weed

(2:58) Pot entrepreneur, Tripp Keber, creates pot-infused edibles, soon to be manufactured on an industrial scale.

VideoMar 2014

World's first 3d printed kayak

(3:28) Jim Smith of Grass Roots Engineering builds the world's first multi-coloured 3D-printed kayak from ABS plastic.

VideoApr 2013

The Foot Powered Lathe

(6:05) Chris builds a foot powered lathe of his own design using mainly hand tools.


VideoNov 2012

Milling machine in action

(5:38) Versatile CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machine creating precision parts.


VideoJul 2013

TEDtalks 2013 - Why we will rely on robots

(9:57) Will robots simply replace human labour, or will they become collaborators, freeing us up to spend time on less mundane and mechanical challenges?