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96%InteractiveApr 2011

Robot Unicorn Attack

Leap majestically from platform to platform on your prancing robot unicorn, collecting butterfly fairies or crashing through glass stars. Rules are simple - jump: Z, attack: X.


94%AnimationAug 2011

Charlie the Unicorn and the Tomb of Horrors

Promo for Charlie the Unicorn t-shirts. Created by Jason Steele, probably while naked! FilmCow.com


93%AnimationApr 2009

Charlie the Unicorn 3

Surreal adventure in which Charlie goes to the future to help build a snowman


91%VideoJul 2011

Porcelain Unicorn

Winner of Parallel Lines, a competition to create a three-minute film using only six lines of dialogue: "What is that?", "It's a unicorn", "Never seen one up close before", "Beautiful", "Get away, get away", and "I'm sorry". Director Ridley Scott (Alien, Blade Runner, Gladiator) selected Porcelain Unicorn as the winner.


88%PictureJul 2009

Obama, naked with unicorns!

Dan Lacey, aka The Painter of Pancakes, shows his portrayal of the president of the United States in a series of unique paintings. Nominated by NaturalBornWaiter


87%VideoSep 2010

Charlie the Unicorn dubstep remix

Who needs weed when you've got this. Dark dubstep remix of internet phenomena, Charlie the Unicorn.


85%AnimationApr 2008

Charlie the Unicorn 2

Charlie's friends return to bring him on another magical adventure


79%VideoFeb 2015

What happened to unicorns?

(1:10) Funny Canal+ ad.