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94%VideoFeb 2017

Swimming with manta rays

(0:53) Stunning images from a free-diver's encounter with huge giant manta rays.

92%VideoOct 2012

Underwater bubble donuts

(1:40) With a single breath, a free-diver creates some beautiful bubble rings.


89%VideoJun 2012

Sneezing free-diving iguanas

(4:02) The Galapagos Islands in the Pacific are well known for their high number of endemic species (species native only to the islands). Isolation has evolved some strange survival routines.

88%VideoFeb 2013

Riding a great white shark!

(1:32) Shark whisperer Ocean Ramsey shows great whites also have a gentle side.

88%VideoMay 2013

Spearfisher swims with a great white shark

(4:46) Hawaiian freediver Kimi Werner swims with the biggest great white shark she had ever seen. It was the most intense moment of her life.


88%VideoOct 2013

Humpback whale smacks diver

(0:34) Free dive off the eastern coast of Africa when a huge humpback whale swims too close.


88%VideoMay 2014

Lost in jellyfish space

(2:58) GoPro-ing around in Jellyfish Lake.


88%VideoFeb 2015

Ocean Gravity

(3:39) Going with the flow. Divers drift with the strong under water current in the Tiputa Pass near Tahiti.


88%VideoJul 2016

Swimming with huge whale sharks

(2:47) Shark biologist and freediver Ocean Ramsey swims with whale sharks in the Philippines.


88%VideoJan 2017

Frozen lake free dive

(1:40) Matthew Villegas free dives beneath the ice of Morrison Quarry.