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AnimationMar 2006

Family Guy: Stewie at the nursery

Worried Lois talks to teacher

VideoApr 2006

Reach! A Lecture Musical

Questioning student bursts into song


VideoNov 2020

We're toast

(2:13) When a 2nd grade teacher at Parkland Elementary in Texas lost her internet connection, the children knew they would be toast.

VideoAug 2011

What do you think makes a good teacher?

Students are asked what makes a good teacher. It's a hard job.


VideoJan 2015

Moses Brown School is closed

(4:04) Just ahead of blizzard 2015, head of Moses Brown School Matt Glendinning created a special Frozen day message.


VideoApr 2007

Arm the teachers

Done your homework Punk?

VideoJul 2011

Sulphur Hexafluoride, a boring and super-heavy gas

Science teacher Steve Spangler has some fun with Sulphur Hexafluoride, an odourless and inert super-heavy gas with some interesting properties


VideoApr 2010

April Fools prank by maths teacher's shadow

Students in a maths class at Biola University get a treat to start off their Easter break


VideoMar 2010

Asian school girls synchronised dancing

Japanese school girls taunt their teacher with some synchronised swaying action. Can anyone explain/translate?


FEATURED New Line Cinema VideoSep 2007

Mr Woodcock is slamming his mum!

Self-help author needs help