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99%VideoDec 2014

Isaac Asimov on the Greenhouse Effect in 1989

(2:39) From a presentation at the Humanist Institute in New York in 1989, showing that climate change has been an issue for scientists for many decades.


96%VideoMay 2013

Quantum cooling to near absolute zero

(9:57) Complex physics made slightly less complex. Professor Andrea Morello explains how to use helium-3 and helium-4 to get within thousandths of a degree above absolute zero.


94%VideoDec 2013

Milking cows for fuel

(1:06) Scientists at Argentina's National Institute of Agricultural Technology have found a way to harvest the methane so readily produced by cows.

94%VideoSep 2014

SciShow - Humanity breaks an ominous record

(3:31) At the end of this year, we'll have the most carbon dioxide in the atmosphere since humans began. And that is a problem, as Hank explains.


93%VideoMar 2008

Lionel Richie on helium

(1:17) Lionel Richie sings his classic hit 'Hello', only a few octaves higher.


93%VideoAug 2012

How do we know the CO2 rise is man made?

(1:07) American geologist Richard Alley explains how we know the CO2 rise in the atmosphere is due to man's activities.


92%AnimationAug 2017

How does CO2 actually warm the planet?

(5:00) It's a quantum thing.


92%VideoMay 2018

Why battery packs are winning over hydrogen fuel cells

(5:38) Most electric cars are "fuelled" from batteries, but some use hydrogen fuel cells instead.

90%VideoDec 2012

Exploding hydrogen balloon at 3,000 frames per second

(0:26) Action-packed demonstration of a hydrogen explosion set off by a remote-controlled toy car.


90%VideoAug 2013

Airships to transport cargo above the clouds

(2:03) American airship manufacturer Aeros is building a blimp-like cargo vehicle capable of transporting massive loads.