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VideoDec 2015

David Pakman - Massive methane leak in California is not news

(4:09) Did you know that a massive methane leak in California, discovered in October, is the biggest catastrophe since BP's disaster in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010.


VideoSep 2012

NASA pieces together the temperature puzzle

(5:49) The decade from 2000 to 2009 was the warmest in modern records. How NASA satellites help scientists study possible causes and effects of climate change.


VideoJul 2016

NASA scientist answers questions about thawing permafrost

(14:27) All you need to know about the permafrost and how it relates to climate change.


VideoOct 2019

Answers With Joe | The worst greenhouse gas might surprise you

(13:08) CO2 does warm the planet, but how can so little (0.04% of the atmosphere) have such a big effect?

VideoNov 2017

Cows and climate change

(5:51) Cows contribute about 10% of all greenhouse gas emissions thanks to the methane they produce. It appears there's a simple solution.

VideoSep 2018

Why planting trees can no longer save us

(2:17) Scientists agree that we need to capture some of the billions of tons of carbon we pump into the atmosphere every year.

VideoDec 2012

Exploding hydrogen balloon at 3,000 frames per second

(0:26) Action-packed demonstration of a hydrogen explosion set off by a remote-controlled toy car.


VideoAug 2013

Airships to transport cargo above the clouds

(2:03) American airship manufacturer Aeros is building a blimp-like cargo vehicle capable of transporting massive loads.


VideoDec 2019

Just Have a Think | Could there ever be a sustainable aviation industry?

(12:06) Is liquid hydrogen the path to a carbon-free flying future?

VideoApr 2016

Australian river on fire!

(1:57) Location: 1 km from fracking site.