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VideoSep 2014

What happens when a coin meets a block of dry ice?

(0:44) Dry ice is the solid form of carbon dioxide. It is used primarily as a cooling agent with the advantage of a lower temperature than water ice.

VideoMay 2013

Quantum cooling to near absolute zero

(9:57) Complex physics made slightly less complex. Professor Andrea Morello explains how to use helium-3 and helium-4 to get within thousandths of a degree above absolute zero.


VideoAug 2013

Airships to transport cargo above the clouds

(2:03) American airship manufacturer Aeros is building a blimp-like cargo vehicle capable of transporting massive loads.


VideoNov 2017

Cows and climate change

(5:51) Cows contribute about 10% of all greenhouse gas emissions thanks to the methane they produce. It appears there's a simple solution.

VideoJul 2016

NASA scientist answers questions about thawing permafrost

(14:27) All you need to know about the permafrost and how it relates to climate change.


VideoOct 2017

Scientists turn carbon dioxide into stone

(8:50) The safest way to store CO2.

VideoJun 2018

A year in the life of CO2

(3:10) NASA's super computer model shows how carbon dioxide in the atmosphere travels around the globe through the year.

VideoMay 2012

Algae powered lamp that absorbs CO2

(2:07) Biochemist Pierre Calleja has invented a light powered by algae that absorb CO2 from the air at the rate of one ton per year - that's equivalent to what a tree absorbs over its entire lifetime!


VideoAug 2012

How do we know the CO2 rise is man made?

(1:06) American geologist Richard Alley explains how we know the CO2 rise in the atmosphere is due to man's activities.


VideoJul 2014

First man-made biological leaf that works just like a plant

(2:54) RCA graduate Julian Melchiorri has developed a synthetic biological leaf that absorbs water and carbon dioxide to produce oxygen, just like a plant.