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VideoSep 2018

What if carbon emissions stopped tomorrow?

(5:56) If we kicked our carbon addiction tomorrow, what would that mean for global warming?


VideoSep 2018

Why planting trees can no longer save us

(2:17) Scientists agree that we need to capture some of the billions of tons of carbon we pump into the atmosphere every year.

VideoJan 2019

Your brain on stale air

(5:50) Increasing CO2 is warming the planet, but how does increasing CO2 affect our brains?

VideoMay 2019

Kyle Kulinski | Record 84 degrees (28C) near Arctic Ocean

(4:24) Carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere are the highest for 3 million years, before humans even existed.


VideoDec 2019

Forces of Nature | Brian Cox | Why is iron in our blood important?

(2:24) Our red blood is rich in iron, but what is it actually for? Brian Cox explains.

VideoMay 2020

SciShow | Will hydrogen save the shipping industry?

(6:39) If shipping was a country, it would be the sixth largest carbon emitter.

VideoOct 2017

Tropical forests now emit more CO2 than all US cars and trucks combined

(1:56) According to a study recently published in Science, tropical forests now emit more CO2 than US cars and trucks combined.


VideoMay 2018

Why battery packs are winning over hydrogen fuel cells

(5:38) Most electric cars are "fuelled" from batteries, but some use hydrogen fuel cells instead.

VideoApr 2016

The other carbon problem, ocean acidification

(21:34) Rising levels of CO2 are not just changing the climate, they are also changing the composition of the oceans.

VideoMay 2018

Bill Nye explains climate change with simple science experiments

(3:48) Science Guy Bill Nye demonstrates sea-level rise and ocean acidification with some simple science experiments.