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99%VideoDec 2014

Isaac Asimov on the Greenhouse Effect in 1989

(2:39) From a presentation at the Humanist Institute in New York in 1989, showing that climate change has been an issue for scientists for many decades.


94%VideoSep 2014

SciShow - Humanity breaks an ominous record

(3:31) At the end of this year, we'll have the most carbon dioxide in the atmosphere since humans began. And that is a problem, as Hank explains.


93%VideoAug 2012

How do we know the CO2 rise is man made?

(1:07) American geologist Richard Alley explains how we know the CO2 rise in the atmosphere is due to man's activities.


92%AnimationAug 2017

How does CO2 actually warm the planet?

(5:00) It's a quantum thing.


90%AnimationDec 2008

New thinking on climate change

Conserve your planet, it's the only one you've got


88%VideoMay 2012

Algae powered lamp that absorbs CO2

(2:07) Biochemist Pierre Calleja has invented a light powered by algae that absorb CO2 from the air at the rate of one ton per year - that's equivalent to what a tree absorbs over its entire lifetime!


88%VideoJan 2014

Crazy Russian Hacker - Dry Ice Experiment

(4:44) Crazy Russian Hacker puts two pounds of dry ice in to a sink of hot water to show that hot air rises while cold air drops.


88%VideoJul 2014

First man-made biological leaf that works just like a plant

(2:54) RCA graduate Julian Melchiorri has developed a synthetic biological leaf that absorbs water and carbon dioxide to produce oxygen, just like a plant.


88%VideoAug 2018

Is our food becoming less nutritious?

(7:29) The nutrient content of food is declining. But why?

87%VideoJun 2009

350, the most important number on the planet

Bill McKibben, co-founder and director of gives a lecture at the University of Sydney