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VideoMar 2016

Noam Chomsky on socialism

(4:41) Noam Chomsky talks about the misuse of the word "socialism", and what it actually means.

VideoMar 2016

Thor Halvorssen discusses socialism on Fox

(3:48) Founder and president of Human Rights Foundation explains the nuances of socialism on Fox Business.


VideoJun 2010

Soccer, America's path to socialism

BillyBobNeck is convinced soccer is against God. He warns of Mexicans from Brazil playing a satanic game and places the blame squarely at the feet of Barack Osama Homo bin Laden.


VideoAug 2015

Jeremy Corbyn at the Oxford Union: Socialism DOES work

(11:06) Labour politician Jeremy Corbyn gives his arguments for why socialism does work.


VideoJun 2015

Bernie Sanders explains why "socialist" isn't a dirty word

(5:16) Talking to Seth Meyers, presidential candidate Bernie Sanders explains why democratic socialism is good for America.


VideoNov 2012

TYT - Is Latin America the model for growing the middle class?

(7:40) A World Bank study shows that rapid economic growth and more inclusive social policies in Latin America over the last decade, have lifted 50 million people into the middle class, rivalling the poor in number for the first time.


VideoNov 2014

What is a socialist?

(6:41) A brief overview of socialism by Keith Hughes.


VideoMay 2015

Norway, an amazingly successful welfare state

(6:24) Kyle Kulinski compares Norway's welfare state to the US' free-market economy.


VideoAug 2018

Jimmy Dore - Kyle Kulinski's appearance on Fox News

(20:33) Are the democrats too far left?

VideoNov 2018

Trump, Denmark and Nordic Socialism

(1:37) Dan Jorgensen from the Danish Social Democratic Party explains 'Nordic Socialism' to Trump.