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95%VideoMar 2008

German scientists link biogas, wind and solar

(7:26) The entire country could be powered by renewables.


94%VideoOct 2014

Is wind energy worth it?

(6:27) Should we really be investing in wind energy? Mitch and Greg go to Germany to find out.


94%VideoOct 2015

Denmark aims for 100% independence from fossil fuels

(17:24) Denmark is developing a 100% fossil-free energy system called Smart Energy Systems, that will provide all the nation's energy needs for electricity, heating and transport at a national level.


91%VideoMar 2008

Bush pledges to make Iraq war more eco-friendly

The Onion discuss the possibilities of biodegradable tanks and using wind power to shock detainees testicles


90%VideoNov 2007

Harvesting the Wind

Minnesota farmers turn to wind as a power source

88%VideoApr 2012

Airborne wind turbine prototype 2012

(1:30) First public video of a 35-foot-wide airborne wind turbine by Altaeros Energies. The scale prototype harnessed strong winds up to 350 feet high to produce over twice the power of traditional wind turbines.


88%VideoApr 2014

Altaeros BAT, next generation wind power

(2:20) Altaeros Energies announces the first planned commercial demonstration of its BAT (Buoyant Airborne Turbine) wind turbine.


88%VideoOct 2015

How do wind turbines work?

(5:28) From blade design to Betz's limit, there's more to a wind turbine than you might think.

88%VideoMay 2016

Inside a working wind-powered sawmill

(8:58) You're in for a real treat.

88%VideoApr 2017

Wind, nukes and oil

(8:53) News from the world of renewables.