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VideoNov 2007

Harvesting the Wind

Minnesota farmers turn to wind as a power source

VideoMar 2008

Bush pledges to make Iraq war more eco-friendly

The Onion discuss the possibilities of biodegradable tanks and using wind power to shock detainees testicles


VideoOct 2007

Revolutionary wind generator

Non turbine, using aero elastic flutter


VideoDec 2008

New wind turbine design inspired by ancient Egyptians

Wind Spire, a propellor-free personal windmill can produce all the power you need for your home. Is this the breakthrough wind power has been waiting for?


VideoJun 2012

Wind farm on Fire Island, Alaska

(2:29) Scheduled to be producing power by late 2012, the commercial scale wind farm on Fire Island, three miles west of Anchorage in Alaska, in its first phase of 11 turbines, is expected to produce 51,000 MW-hours of power annually.


VideoDec 2014

What is the future of energy?

(14:50) Today we consume a truly vast amount of energy, with demand continuing to skyrocket at an alarming rate.


VideoApr 2017

Wind, nukes and oil

(8:53) News from the world of renewables.

VideoAug 2011

Turning air into water

The Earth's second largest water reserve is in the air. Inventor Marc Parent has found a way to extract that water. A simple process using wind energy to produce water from air that mimicks how rain is created. Report from 2009.


VideoAug 2015

Drone intrudes on man sunbathing on wind turbine

(3:17) Sunny day and packed beaches in Rhode Island.


VideoJul 2016

North Sea air, Germany's plan for wind power

(9:53) Germany plans to get over 50% of its energy from renewables by 2050, with wind power playing a major role.