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VideoMay 2008

World's first hydrogen powered electric motorbike

It can reach 50 mph in 12 seconds, produces no emissions and is as quiet as a laptop computer


VideoNov 2008

First hydrogen bomb test

Beautiful abstracts emerge from Man's most destructive invention


PictureApr 2009

Mercedes looks back to go forward

The Mercedes-Benz F-Cell roadster pays homage to the very first car ever built, the Benz Patent Motor Car, but adds joystick control, a fiberglass body and hydrogen-electric fuel-cell power.


VideoFeb 2011

RC tricopter hunting balloons

Primary target, hydrogen filled balloons. Music: McVaffe - Final Fantasy Kaoss OC ReMix.


VideoAug 2008

World's first solar/hydrogen residence

Unplugged living


VideoDec 2019

Just Have a Think | Could there ever be a sustainable aviation industry?

(12:06) Is liquid hydrogen the path to a carbon-free flying future?

VideoJun 2009

Japanese water-powered car unveiled

The venture company Genepax, have designed an electric powered car that runs solely on hydrogen dioxide, the main feature of the new system is that it uses the company's membrane electrode assembly (MEA), which contains a material capable of breaking down water into hydrogen and oxygen through a chemical reaction.


VideoNov 2018

Electric Cars - Batteries vs Hydrogen Fuel Cells

(16:21) Batteries are winning over hydrogen fuel cells as the way to provide electricity for electric vehicles. But do hydrogen fuel cells have a future?

PictureJan 2008

Peugeot H2O - eco fire fighter

Produces its own electricity and water using fuel cell battery technology


VideoDec 2012

Exploding hydrogen balloon at 3,000 frames per second

(0:26) Action-packed demonstration of a hydrogen explosion set off by a remote-controlled toy car.