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VideoApr 2020

Zefrank | Oppih, aka stub nose anteater



VideoApr 2012

Cristina Rad: I don't get Doomsday groups

(7:15) How many times does a Doomsday date have to be postponed before people realise it ain't gonna happen? Romanian blogger Cristina Rad doesn't get how some people never learn.


VideoApr 2015

Health, vaccinations and junk science

(15:02) Potholer54 looks at some junk science around vaccinations and in particular, the claim from Andrew Wakefield, that MMR vaccines are linked to autism.

VideoApr 2012

Pat Condell - Tell the truth about Islam

(7:07) Religion is the problem, not the culture.


VideoMay 2013

Ze Frank | True facts about the aye aye

(3:13) Ze Frank teaches you about the aye aye.

VideoSep 2012

A word to rioting Muslims, by Pat Condell

(5:18) Pat Condell doesn't mince his words: "We don't care if you're offended, and we never will. Get used to it."


VideoAug 2011

Britain is a riot

Pat Condell gives his take on the last week of riots in London. As you might expect, he robustly tells it as it is.


VideoJan 2013

True facts about sloths

(2:20) Fascinating facts about sloths. Fascinating delivery by Ze Frank.

VideoApr 2014

Veritasium - Why do trees grow so high?

(3:57) The answer may seem obvious - competition for sunlight - and to a degree that is true. But delve in, and it becomes more interesting.


VideoAug 2014

Vsauce - What is the Earth worth?

(13:17) Beginning in Earth, Vsauce Michael meanders through the universe and back to animal selfies, all in trying to work out what Earth is worth.