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96%VideoAug 2011

Ray Comfort vs West Indian lady

(6:14) Christian evangelist and banana expert Ray Comfort stops Michele for a little chat


94%VideoMar 2011

The Atheist Experience special with Ray Comfort

(58:33) Matt Dillahunty and Russell Glasser from The Atheist Experience, lock horns with Christian evangelist Ray Comfort, probably best known (and ridiculed) for his claim that the banana was so well designed it could only have been the work of god. I look forward to the day he figures out the pineapple.


90%VideoNov 2011

Ray Comfort would love to hear Richard Dawkins' thorts

(0:50) Better known as 'Banana Man', creationist Ray Comfort gave Richard Dawkins a copy of his new 33 minute documentary '180' on Hitler and abortion. Comfort is waiting for the great atheist's thorts on his epic work.


87%VideoMay 2006

Well made banana

(1:05) The atheist's nightmare, almighty God's perfect creation, more commonly referred to as a banana.


79%VideoMay 2009

How would you make honey from nothing?

Ray Comfort a New Zealand-born Christian minister and evangelist takes to the streets


32%VideoSep 2009

Creationists improve Darwin's 'The Origin of Species'

On the 150th anniversary of 'The Origin of Species' (November 19), Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort plan to add a 50 page introduction explaining how Charles Darwin got it all wrong.