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VideoApr 2009

Children exposed to porn may expect sex to be enjoyable!

'In The Know' discussion on how pornography warps children's minds


VideoOct 2019

Extinction Rebellion | 21st Century Economics

(11:24) There is an alternative.

VideoAug 2011

Do we have the right to offend?

(16:31) Atheist Richard Dawkins, conservative author Douglas Murray and many others discuss freedom of speech, or perhaps more accurately, the right to offend.


VideoFeb 2011

Is there life after death?

An audience of many faiths, and a sprinkle of atheists, discuss life after death. From The Big Questions, a BBC religious discussion programme.


VideoMar 2012

"The dog in the pan goes crazy" and other German phrases

(5:01) Two flatmates Danny and Jenny discuss strange phrases in the German language.


VideoMay 2014

Monty Python - Is there life after death?

(1:18) Three guests join John Cleese for a discussion on the afterlife.


VideoOct 2010

QI - Godwin's Rule

The Final Solution to all debate. What eventually happens to discussions on the internet if they go on for long enough? Maybe Hitler did in some sense reach his ultimate goal, to be the final arbiter on everything.


VideoApr 2009

Nightline Face-Off - Does Satan exist?

ABC's correspondent Dan Harris moderates a debate between Annie Lobert, Pastor Mark Driscoll, Deepak Chopra and Bishop Carlton Pearson


VideoJun 2012

Patrice O'Neal brilliantly defends rape jokes

(6:54) American stand-up and radio personality Patrice O'Neal, self-proclaimed expert on funny, brilliantly defends rape jokes against Sonia Ossorio.


VideoApr 2013

Bill Maher and Brian Levin discuss Islam and the Boston Marathon bombing

(4:38) Brian Levin is a criminologist and civil rights attorney, and Director of the 'Center for the Study of Hate & Extremism' at California State University.