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99%VideoMar 2013

Retired police captain demolishes the war on drugs

(15:43) Peter Christ from 'Law Enforcement Against Prohibition', makes a most powerful case against the war on drugs.


97%VideoAug 2011

Piers Morgan and Penn Jillette discuss God

(3:18) Penn Jillette angered Piers Morgan because he doesn't know how we all got here.


97%VideoMar 2012

Former VC of GM: "Global warming is a total crock of shit"

(5:39) Former vice chairman at General Motors, Bob Lutz does not believe in global warming. He discusses his views with astrophysicist Neil Degrasse Tyson and Bill Maher.


96%VideoAug 2011

Ray Comfort vs West Indian lady

(6:14) Christian evangelist and banana expert Ray Comfort stops Michele for a little chat


96%VideoSep 2014

Young guitarist clashes with his parents over his future

(7:32) That young person is Alex Lifeson, guitarist for Canadian prog rockers Rush.


95%VideoFeb 2012

US General Dempsey: Iran is a rational actor

(16:10) Discussion on the Real News with award-winning journalist Max Blumenthal about the US attitude towards Iran and Israel's threat to strike.


94%VideoAug 2013

Dr Sanjay Gupta apologises for misleading Americans about medical cannabis

(12:53) Neurosurgeon and CNN's Chief Medical Correspondent Dr Sanjay Gupta has changed his mind about the health risks of marijuana.


94%VideoNov 2011

Terence McKenna denounces foolishness

(5:43) Irish-American philosopher and writer on many subjects Terence McKenna, gives a poetic rant on the great evil that flourishes in the minds of many - relativism, or the lack of distinction between shit and Shinola.


94%VideoJan 2012

High-speed rail Newsnight discussion

(12:22) Phase one of the £32 billion high-speed rail network (HS2) has just been approved. This Newsnight discussion was from July 2011, but the same question arises. Is the future high speed trains or high speed broadband?


94%VideoMay 2014

Monty Python - Is there life after death?

(1:18) Three guests join John Cleese for a discussion on the afterlife.