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VideoFeb 2017

Brian Cox and Neil deGrasse Tyson discuss science communication

(22:15) Science educators Brian Cox and Neil deGrasse Tyson explore what science communication is, drawing on similarities and contrasts between the UK and US.

VideoJan 2012

High-speed rail Newsnight discussion

(12:22) Phase one of the £32 billion high-speed rail network (HS2) has just been approved. This Newsnight discussion was from July 2011, but the same question arises. Is the future high speed trains or high speed broadband?


VideoSep 2013

Hijab, niqab or plain nothing?

(10:24) Three Muslim women discuss why they do or don't cover their faces.


VideoApr 2016

Dave Rubin interview with godless heathens

(17:04) President of American Atheists David Silverman and comedian Paul Provenza discuss atheism.

VideoNov 2011

The Late Late Show - Richard Dawkins debates religion 1/3

(9:17) Richard Dawkins faces a mostly religious audience on live Irish TV chat show, The Late Late Show with host Pat Kenny and USD philosopher Dr Gerald Casey. Discussion from 2006.


VideoJun 2014

Bilderberg attendee speaks with protestors

(27:07) Dutch Labour politician Diederik Samsom takes a breather from Bilderberg to engage with protestors outside.


VideoApr 2011

Sam Harris on the science behind brain and soul

From a discussion with Sam Harris, Christopher Hitchens, Rabbi David Wolpe and Rabbi Bradley Artson Shavit on whether there is an afterlife


VideoOct 2011

The Venus Project

(11:15) Founder of an organisation known as The Venus Project, Jacque Fresco is a designer, philosopher of science, concept artist, educator and futurist with some very interesting ideas on how a future society that is peaceful and sustainable could work


VideoSep 2017

David Pakman - Atheist uses "street epistemology" to discuss religion

(12:41) Street epistemologist Anthony Magnabosco joins David Pakman to discuss methods for helping people reflect on the reliability of their beliefs without causing aggression.

VideoNov 2011

Terence McKenna denounces foolishness

(5:43) Irish-American philosopher and writer on many subjects Terence McKenna, gives a poetic rant on the great evil that flourishes in the minds of many - relativism, or the lack of distinction between shit and Shinola.