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VideoOct 2011

How do they create an NMA news clip in less than 90 minutes?

From start to finish, Next Media Animation team produce an animated news clip in less than 90 minutes. This is how they do it.


VideoMar 2014

How Dr Martens are made

(3:50) The art of industrial manufacturing.


VideoSep 2010

Dub FX - Made

Australian street entertainer Dub FX (Benjamin Stanford)shows how to create music from layers of voice enhanced by a bit of gadgetry


VideoMay 2010

Cirkus Animation

Have you ever wondered how amazing 3D TV commercials are made? The ins and outs of the whole animation process.


VideoOct 2010

How ink is made

Gorgeous colour you can touch. Passionate ink maker Peter Welfare shows how colour and ink is created. Everything designers and printers need to know about the process, the challenges and joy of ink making.


VideoDec 2011

Meat glue, the meat industry's dirty secret

(5:51) Investigation from Australia into the meat industry's dirty secret, meat glue. Meat glue is banned in the EU, but widely used in the US and Australia.


VideoOct 2011

Impossible nail-through-wood trick revealed

(1:50) Easy woodworking project for a simple conversation piece you can amaze your friends and family with.


VideoJan 2014

How to knock off a Saddleback briefcase

(12:14) Dave at Saddleback Leather shows you how to knock off one of his bags and make loads of money.


AnimationOct 2015

How the International Space Station was built

(4:57) The story of the incredible collaboration that has become the International Space Station.

VideoFeb 2014

How hot dogs are made

(5:27) What goes on inside a hot dog factory, and what makes them taste so delicious.