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VideoApr 2013

Jimmy Kimmel - Gay couple or straight friends, could you tell which?

(4:16) Chairwoman of the Republican Party in Georgia Sue Everhart argues that if gay marriage is legalised, straight people will pretend to be gay for health benefits.


VideoApr 2014

Panti Bliss on what it's like to be oppressed

(10:48) Rory O'Neill, aka Panti Bliss, gives a speech at the Abbey, Ireland's national theatre.

VideoJun 2012

Answer phone message from Westboro Baptist Church

(2:39) So extreme they have become a joke. Callers beware, this is the Westboro Baptist Church's answer message.


VideoDec 2011

Reactions to Rick Perry's 'Strong' ad

Rick Perry defends his campaign ad 'Strong' in which he explains what he means by President Obama's war on religion.


VideoJun 2012

Is homosexuality unnatural?

(5:15) Opponents to gay marriage are always excusing their bigotry by declaring homosexuality as unnatural. But is this true?


VideoJun 2010


In order of appearance: 1) Anita Bryant, anti-gay activist gets a pie in the face. 2) Bill O'Reilly discusses a lesbian couple that was voted 'cutest couple' in their high school yearbook. 3) Yes for Proposition 8 Campaign Advertisement. 4) A Phelps Family (Westboro Baptist Church) anti-gay protest. 5) Gordon B. Hinckley, former president of 'The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints' on Larry King discussing homosexuality. 6) Gathering Storm anti-gay marriage advertisement from the Natio


VideoSep 2012

Is homosexuality unnatural?

(4:14) What does it mean when people call same-sex relations "unnatural"? Philosopher John Corvino gives his views on the matter.


VideoJan 2013

Muslim patrol try to enforce Sharia law on streets of London

(3:36) Police are investigating a gang claiming to be Islamic vigilantes who have been confronting members of the public in East London, demanding they give up alcohol and women cover their flesh in their 'Muslim area'.


VideoApr 2013

New Zealand politician delivers powerful and funny gay marriage speech

(4:20) New Zealand politician Maurice Williamson tells it as it is, and leaves other Parliament members in stitches.


VideoApr 2013

Rick Santorum blames TV show for gay marriage

(2:09) Former senator Rick Santorum blames the emergence of gay marriage as an issue, on American TV sitcom Will & Grace.