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VideoMar 2014

TYT - Pastor obsessed with Ana's (and Cenk's) boobs

(6:09) Pastor Manning is The Young Turks' breast friend.


VideoMar 2014

1960s anti-gay lecture for children

(1:05) Detective John Sorenson warns children of the queers that may be around them.


VideoJun 2015

Arizona pastor prays Caitlyn Jenner dies and goes to hell

(9:41) No surprise considering Pastor Stephen Anderson believes gay people should receive the death penalty.


VideoJul 2015

6-year-old vs fire and brimstone preacher



VideoAug 2011

Piers Morgan baffled by Christine O'Donnell

Piers Morgan at his best. Genuinely baffled by Christine O'Donnell's refusal to answer a question on gay marriage, he holds his line. From CNN's Piers Morgan Tonight.


VideoMay 2012

Pastor's solution to lesbians and queers, concentration camps

(2:05) Pastor Charles Worley of Providence Road Baptist Church in North Carolina spells out his final solution to the existence of homosexuals - round them up so they can't reproduce!


VideoJan 2014

Glenn Beck baffled by Santa Claus race debate

(1:35) American conservative commentator Glen Beck criticises media obsession with stories like Megyn Kelly calling Santa Claus white, and Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson comparing homosexual sex to bestiality.


VideoAug 2014

How not to react when your child tells you he's gay

(5:11) Daniel was disowned and kicked out of his home for being gay. So much for unconditional love.


VideoMay 2011

Homosexuality, how much is it nature or nurture?

(3:07) Minnesota Representative Steve Simon, a Democrat speaking against a proposed Minnesota constitutional amendment, asks: "How many gays must God create before we accept He actually wants them around?"


VideoMar 2012

Boy George and Milo Yiannopoulos discuss gay marriage

(9:04) Debate about gay marriage between two openly gay guys, eighties pop star Boy George and Milo Yiannopoulos, who, being gay and Catholic, has a complicated relationship with god.