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94%VideoNov 2016

These conveyor belts are a trip

(0:59) Smart omnidirectional conveyor belts made by Intralox.

93%AnimationJul 2008

Nanotechnology, the future of DIY

From molecules to super products


93%VideoAug 2013


(6:02) From the 2011 documentary film 'Samara'. Samsara is a Tibetan word that means wheel of life, a concept both intimate and vast, which defines the soul of everyone.


91%VideoNov 2003

Firework factory incident

Explosive display


90%VideoJul 2012

AllWinner Boxchip A13 Tablet factory tour

(7:41) Workers at this factory in Shenzhen in China produce about 4,000 tablets each day. How long will it be before these workers are too expensive and replaced by robots?


88%PictureJun 2009

MIG factory

The true legend of Russian aviation in production since 1959


88%AnimationApr 2010

Man as Industrial Palace

Based on 1927 illustrations by Fritz Kahn which depicted the human body as a huge factory. By Henning M. Lederer (2009)

88%PictureSep 2007

How to camouflage an aeroplane factory

Lockheed Burbank Aircraft Plant, California

88%VideoAug 2012

Mitt Romney visited Chinese slave factory while at Bain

(2:09) Mitt Romney tells of his experience when Bain Capital visited a factory in China they were set to buy.


88%VideoJul 2013

How the Tesla Model S is made

(4:55) A look at how the Tesla Model S electric car is made in what is one of the most automated car factories in the world.