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94%VideoJul 2013

Dara O'Briain tries to explain modern technology

(3:45) Imagine falling through a wormhole into the past. How useful would your knowledge of the modern world be?

94%VideoOct 2014

The Big Bang Theory - Back To The Future grammar

(3:10) Leonard and Sheldon discuss the proper English to describe the movie "Back to the Future".

91%VideoJun 2007

Time travel

In principle it's possible...


88%VideoDec 2017

Brian Cox - Is time travel to the past possible?

(6:06) Is it possible for a person who invents a time machine in the future, to travel back and show us how to make one?


87%AnimationMar 2017

Is time travel really possible?

(8:25) Time travel in a nutshell.

87%VideoJun 2017

Chelsea - Time traveller Trump

(2:17) American comedian Chelsea Handler browses the internet for some of Trump's tweets before he became POTUS.

86%VideoOct 2011

60-second adventures in thought - The grandfather paradox (2/6)

If you could travel back in time, you could kill your grandparents before they gave birth to your parents, and therefore you wouldn't exist, at least not in this variation of the universe. Maybe one day we'll understand the true nature of time travel and Back to the Future will seem like quaint sci-fi from the 20th century. Voiced by comedian David Mitchell. More Open University philosophy videos: http://tiny.cc/n0spp


86%VideoMay 2013

How to travel into the future

(5:50) Believe it or not, travelling into the future is possible.


85%PictureMay 2008

CERN's Large Hadron Collider, world's first time machine?

The world's most powerful particle accelerator becomes functional this spring unleashing forces capable of distorting not only space (just like gravity distorts space around Earth), but also time. Two proton beams travel in opposite directions and collide in an attempt to replicate Big Bang conditions (hopefully on a much smaller scale). Panoramic view at http://petermccready.com/portfolio/05091901.html


56%VideoApr 2013

Iranian scientist claims he has invented a time machine

(1:56) Iranian media reports a 27-year-old inventor who says he built a machine that will "bring the future to you", prompting teasing from tech writers.