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VideoJul 2014

China's first 3D printed house

(1:13) No grand design, but it's the beginnings of what will surely become the norm.

VideoMar 2015

Liquid 3D printer prints an Eiffel Tower

(0:45) Carbon3D unveils groundbreaking liquid 3D printing process which is 25 to 100 times faster than current technology.

VideoMay 2008

3D printing comes to your bedroom

WSJ.com's Andy Jordan explores the possibilities of printing a cocktail snack


VideoMar 2014

World's first 3d printed kayak

(3:28) Jim Smith of Grass Roots Engineering builds the world's first multi-coloured 3D-printed kayak from ABS plastic.

VideoMay 2013

Liberator, the world's first fully-functional 3D-printable handgun

(1:43) American law student Cody Wilson has created the Liberator, a working handgun built from 15 plastic parts printed from an $8,000 3D printer, available for you to download somewhere on the internet.


VideoFeb 2020

VICE | How 3d printing is changing the world

(12:31) Science has few boundaries. In 2009, the patents behind 3D printing expired, sparking a revolution in manufacturing.

VideoAug 2012

Imagine 3D printing your next home

(12:00) Is the construction industry about to fast-forward into the future? Behrokh Khoshnevis talks about 'contour crafting', the process of 3D printing buildings, how it works and its potential.


VideoOct 2012

World's first printable gun, the Wiki Weapon

(7:59) Defense Distributed presents the Wiki Weapon Project, that if successful, will make a mockery of gun control laws.


VideoOct 2012

Success Kid sculpture

(7:42) 11-month-old Sammy became better known as 'Success Kid' when his clenched fist and smug grin entered the internet. Now he can enter your home in glorious 3D.


VideoMar 2015

3D printing inspired by Terminator 2

(1:26) Liquid 3D printing technology by Carbon3D looks like science fiction, but it's entirely real.