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94%VideoAug 2012

The biological advantage of being awestruck

(3:21) It appears that awe helps us to survive.

94%VideoAug 2012

NASA control room during Curiosity's touchdown on Mars

(7:48) The rover has landed. Tense minutes at mission control as Curiosity descends to the surface of Mars.

94%VideoSep 2012

Katie Melua's song about the size of the observable universe

(1:51) American science writer Michael Shermer tells of when Katie Melua changed her lyrics for science. From a TEDTalk in 2006.


94%VideoOct 2012

Michio Kaku: How to travel to other stars, so unimaginably far away

(2:50) Most people think of a huge fancy starship carrying generations of people across deep space. But maybe there's a better way.


94%AnimationFeb 2013

Eyes on the Stars

(3:18) Inspiring but ultimately tragic story of physicist and astronaut Ronald McNair who was killed in the Space Shuttle Challenger accident in 1986.


94%VideoAug 2013

Brian Cox on faking the moon landings

(2:07) Flustered and not his usual articulate self, particle physicist Brian Cox has a problem with moon landing deniers.


94%AnimationSep 2013

Why does the moon look so big on the horizon?

(4:09) Scientists aren't sure, but there are plenty of intriguing theories.


94%VideoNov 2013

Vsauce - What does Earth look like?

(10:48) When we look at the Earth, we see it with the limitations of our eyes. Vsauce Michael explains what we are missing out on.

94%VideoDec 2013

What it's like to ride Russia's Soyuz spaceship

(11:39) Astronaut Mike Fincke, veteran of Soyuz and shuttle missions, gives a tour of the Russian Soyuz spacecraft.

94%VideoDec 2013

How astronomers detect alien atmospheres

(3:22) Considering the enormous distances involved, how do astronomers determine the size, mass and make up of a planet orbiting a distant star?