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90%VideoNov 2013

Inside a garment factory in Bangladesh

(2:30) The clothes on our backs. Toronto Star reporter Raveena Aulakh works undercover in a Bangladesh garment factory for four days to get a first hand look at working conditions.


88%VideoSep 2011

Ship wrecking in Bangladesh

(9:26) Child labourers at Chittagong ship breaking yards in Bangladesh, probably the closest to hell on Earth.


88%VideoMar 2013

Brick making teams in Bangladesh

(2:32) Making bricks at 'Rony' brick field just outside of Dhaka, Bangladesh.


88%VideoJun 2018

Typical day at Dhaka ferry terminal in Bangladesh

(1:42) The big and small fight for space.


87%VideoJan 2009

Weddings, weather and Bangladesh

Weather lady straight out of The Twilight Zone


87%VideoAug 2012

Train overcrowding in Bangladesh

(1:21) Commuting in Bangladesh, happier than you might expect.


87%VideoOct 2013

End of Ramadan rush hour in Dhaka, Bangladesh

(1:53) Thousands of Bangladeshis cram ferries and trains returning to their home villages to celebrate Eid al-fitr, marking the end of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.


87%VideoSep 2017

Severe flooding kills over 1,000 in South Asia

(2:36) Heavy flooding has hit not only Texas, but also great swathes of South Asia, from Mumbai to Bangladesh and Nepal.

86%VideoSep 2016

Rivers of blood flow through Dhaka

(1:29) Following heavy rains, rivers of blood flowed through the streets in Bangladeshi capital, Dhaka.