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VideoJan 2014

FaceRig demo

(2:37) Currently at an early stage in development, FaceRig lets anyone with a webcam digitally embody any character they want.


VideoOct 2009

Jimmy Kimmel introduces the T-Pain Autotune app

Obama gets auto-tuned with iPhone app. Additional production assistance provided by: the Gregory Brothers.

VideoAug 2010

USB typewriter demo

Hey, did you know you can buy one of these? Or you can buy a kit to make your own! Got a typewriter already? I'll mod it for you. Visit or for details.

VideoDec 2010

Word Lens iPhone app

English / Spanish translator that instantly translates printed words using the video camera on your iPhone. No internet necessary, beautifully simple and perfect for travellers. Looking forward to more languages.


VideoMar 2012

Luciano Foglia's Geometric Porn app

(1:10) Art or porn? Geometric Porn was rejected by Apple. They state: "Apps that present excessively objectionable or crude content will be rejected."


VideoMar 2012

Horse iPad

(1:11) Apple thinking different again.


VideoAug 2009

Welcome to the Sumsing Turbo 3000 Xi Multitask

iPhone's predecessor

FEATURED BlackBerry VideoJan 2011

BlackBerry Diplo Apps

One cool thing about the BlackBerry Torch is that you can actually make applications out of some of your favourite websites. So I have like the Mad Decent website always on my front page.

VideoDec 2014

The Cicret Bracelet, like a tablet, but on your skin



VideoOct 2012

Lockitron - Keyless entry to your home using your phone

(3:00) I think it's a clever, practical and well-thought-through product. What do you think?