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88%ShopApr 2012

Ion iCade Arcade

What started off as an April Fool's joke on ThinkGeek turned out to be so popular it became a real product.

87%ShopFeb 2012

Kogeto Dot

Shoot 360 fully panoramic video with your iPhone. Slide on lens, download Looker app, and you're ready to go.


87%ShopNov 2013

Duo Pinball controller for iPad

For all you pinball wizards. The Duo Pinball features flipper buttons, spring-loaded plunger and touch screen tilt to make iPad pinball games almost like the real thing.

86%ShopSep 2011

Etch-A-Sketch iPad Cover

2 revolutionary products 50 years apart

86%ShopNov 2011

Widescreen Personal Theatre

55" screen for iPhone/Touch. Personal media viewer that provides a private viewing experience equivalent to watching a widescreen 55" television from 10' away.

86%ShopNov 2011


Ideal for following recipes, catching up on the news, or listening to music while you're busy in the kitchen. Just clip your precious tablet into the FridgePad and it'll be held in place by a powerful magnet capable of carrying up to 25 times its own weight.