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87%ShopNov 2011

USB Fishquarium

Desktop therapy. Combination fish tank, desk lamp, clock and pen holder, with a low voltage pump and filtration system running off your computer's USB power.

86%ShopNov 2011

Skullhub USB

Macabre but useful. Resin skull with 4 USB 2.0 ports.

86%ShopNov 2011

Discover DJ

Wreck the decks. Simply USB it into your PC or Mac, load the software and get busy spinning, mixing, scratching, fading, looping, beat-matching and recording tunes in your digital library.

86%ShopNov 2011

USB Microscope

Smart USB-powered instrument lets you zoom in to 400x. With its accompanying software, you can record your findings as photos and video.

86%ShopNov 2013

BPR6 Spy Pen with HD video camera

You never know when you might need it.