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93%VideoOct 2011

Where does Herman Cain stand on abortion?

Confused 2012 Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain, confuses Jon Stossel over his stance on abortion. Legal and illegal at the same time, is this a case of quantum weirdness?


88%VideoNov 2011

A Bad Lip Reading of Herman Cain

Watch out for the big potato moths. Republican presidential hopeful Herman Cain at last talks some sense.


86%VideoOct 2011

Herman Cain - Imagine there's no pizza

(5:00) Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain, in the days when he headed Godfather's Pizza. He stepped down as CEO of Godfather's Pizza in 2002 and currently leads the field for the Republican presidential nomination.


86%VideoNov 2011

Tucker Carlson: Herman Cain not qualified to be president

If even Fox News commentator Tucker Carlson is saying Herman Caine is not fit for president, then what hope has he got?


86%VideoNov 2011

Herman Cain explains his Libya moment

Fatigue and his inability to grasp a broad question. Oh dear.


86%VideoDec 2011

Herman Cain turns to plan B

Republican presidential candidate no more, Herman Cain stands down with style


60%VideoNov 2011

Herman Cain's Libya disaster

Groping for an answer. Frontrunner in the scramble to be Republican presidential candidate, Herman Cain chooses his words carefully over the question of Obama's handling of Libya.


57%VideoMar 2012

Rabbit and the current tax code

(0:37) Herman Cain is at it again, analysing the economy.


49%VideoMar 2012

This is the economy on stimulus

(0:34) Hermain Cain is back with a bizarre attack on the stimulus.


43%VideoOct 2011

What does Herman Cain think of Occupy Wall Street?

Herman Cain is one of the Republican presidential candidates for the 2012 US elections. His view is simple: Don't blame Wall Street, blame yourselves.