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96%VideoOct 2011

Rottweiler rescues chihuahua from coyote

(0:26) Thank dog for that! A meaty rottweiler comes to the aid of his little chihuahua friend.


92%AnimationJan 2011

Coyote Falls, new Looney Toons in 3D

Bird brain matched against a cunning coyote. Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner return to do battle in a new series of theatrical animated shorts by Warner Bros.


90%PictureOct 2009

Car and coyote incident

When a driver hit a coyote crossing the road 75 mph, he assumed the animal had been killed and so did not stop. After eight hours of driving he stopped only to discover the coyote had survived with a few scrapes on its paws, trapped in the car's grill.


87%VideoJan 2014

Hybrid carnivores roam US cities

(8:53) Meet the coywolf, a hybrid coyote/wolf carnivore roaming US cities. Originating in eastern Canada, they have now reached NYC and are doing just fine.


87%PictureJan 2010

Coyote frozen dead in its tracks

A coyote freezes solid at -28 degrees, Silt, Colorado


86%AnimationOct 2010

Die, sweet Roadrunner, die!

Wile E. Coyote finally gets the Roadrunner, with a little help from Family Guy. From Seth MacFarlane's 'Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy'.


86%VideoNov 2013

Dog encounters a coyote for the first time

(2:38) Rasta the Vizsla stalks a coyote on a golf course.


82%VideoAug 2013

Brave man rescues a coyote

(4:45) A man comes across a coyote caught on a barbed wire fence.