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VideoAug 2006

Powers of Ten

Relativity in the universe. Film by Charles and Ray Eames, ground-breaking 20th Century designers.


AnimationDec 2007

Gravity in terms of space-time

Einstein's theory of general relativity


VideoJun 2008

Einstein's General Theory of Relativity explained

Curves in the spatial fabric

VideoDec 2017

Science student explains Relativity

(2:58) Science student Hillary Diane Andales won $400k worth of scholarships with this explanation of Relativity.

VideoMay 2016

It's Okay To Be Smart - Einstein was right

(7:12) Proving the greatest physicist of all time Albert Einstein was right.


VideoAug 2012

Insignificance (1985) | Marilyn Monroe explains relativity to Albert Einstein

(8:44) Scene from Nicolas Roeg's 1985 movie 'Insignificance' with Michael Emil as the professor and Theresa Russell as Marilyn Monroe.

VideoJul 2017

Is space a thing?

(8:49) Space was a thing, then it wasn't, then it was - so what is it?

VideoApr 2019

Vox | Why this black hole photo is such a big deal

(6:28) What it took to collect these 54-million-year-old photons from a supermassive black hole.

VideoOct 2011

60-second adventures in thought - The twin paradox (5/6)

Twins are born at the same time, so they should both reach the age of 50 at the same time, right? Actually, that depends on how fast they are moving relative to each other according to Einstein's theory of relativity. Voiced by comedian David Mitchell. More Open University philosophy videos: http://tiny.cc/n0spp


VideoFeb 2014

The illusion of time

(9:44) Einstein's theories have been tested over and over, and they still hang together, showing bizarrely that the past, present and future all exist together.