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VideoOct 2011

How do they create an NMA news clip in less than 90 minutes?

From start to finish, Next Media Animation team produce an animated news clip in less than 90 minutes. This is how they do it.


AnimationJul 2013

NMA TV - Kate pops out a future monarch

(2:14) After months of waiting, Kate Middleton has finally done her royal duty and popped out a future monarch of Great Britain. Taiwanese animators at NMA put together the story.


AnimationMay 2010

Gordon Brown's Bigotgate reported by Taiwanese newspaper

Taiwanese newspaper Apple Daily follow the UK 2010 elections. Gordon Brown's meeting with Rochdale voter Gillian Duffy seemed to go just fine until a rogue microphone picked up the PM's private thoughts.


VideoMar 2010

Taiwan news reports on angry Gordon Brown

Creative reconstuction of alleged events leading to Gordon Brown being labelled a bully. Shown on Taiwanese news.


AnimationNov 2010

NMA.TV - Obama injured playing basketball

World events as reported by NMA.TV. US President Barack Obama received a cut lip during a 'friendly' game of basketball...

AnimationApr 2015

NMA - Is getting a higher education worth the debt?

(1:54) Taiwanese Animators NMA look at how skyrocketing tuition fees means fewer Americans in higher education.

AnimationOct 2011

Steve Jobs goes to Heaven

A touching tribute to Steve Jobs by Taiwanese animation studio NMA TV. However, Steve Jobs was actually a Buddhist. He believed in simplicity and oneness, a philosophy he applied to Apple products.


AnimationJul 2014

NMA TV - World Cup 2014 Final

(1:30) Taiwanese animators NMA TV report on the World Cup 2014 Final when Germany beat Argentina 1-0 in extra-time.

AnimationMar 2012

What Apple could have done with its $100 billion cash pile

(1:59) Apple has decided on what to do with its whopping $100 billion stack of cash it has acquired - pay dividends to shareholders (the first since 1995) and buy back some shares to take more control of the company. Taiwanese news channel NMA have been thinking different and suggest some alternative ways to spend the money.


VideoJun 2012

Recession is best form of birth control

(1:20) US birth rates have been falling since the recession started, and studies show that this trend continues.