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96%VideoAug 2012

TYT - Equador grants asylum to Julian Assange

(6:55) WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was granted political asylum by Ecuador setting up a stand off with the British government, which has vowed to block his exit from the country.


96%VideoDec 2014

TV Tricks of the Trade - Quotes and Cutaways

(17:22) How can you tell if the news you see is telling the truth? Potholer54 shows how dishonest editing to manipulate the meaning is achieved.


95%VideoSep 2012

TYT - US calls Julian Assange 'Enemy of the State'

(4:59) Disturbing revelations on how the US government sees Julian Assange and Wikileaks; in the same legal category as Al Qaeda or the Taliban.


94%VideoAug 2012

TYT - UK warns Ecuadorian embassy may be raided if Julian Assange is sheltered

(3:37) Ecuador's president Rafael Correa is about to decide whether Wikileaks founder Julian Assange will be allowed to remain in the Equadorian embassy in London.


94%VideoAug 2012

Julian Assange's speech from the Ecuadorian embassy

(10:08) 19 August, 2012. Julian Assange addressed a crowd of supporters from the balcony of the Ecuadorian embassy in London where he has spent the last two months.


94%VideoOct 2016

Jimmy Dore - Snowden, Assange & Manning tribute in Berlin

(6:08) A powerful display of how a society should treat whistleblowers.


94%VideoApr 2011

Julian Assange gets down on the dance floor

(0:58) Disco dancing Wikileaks founder Julian Assange in a club in Reykjavik.


92%VideoDec 2010

Julian Assange: Why the world needs WikiLeaks

(19:34) TEDTalks, July 2010. Shining a light on dark secrets in companies and governments. Wikileaks founder Julian Assange talks to TED's Chris Anderson about Wikileaks, how the site operates, what it has accomplished, and what drives him. The interview includes graphic footage of a recent US airstrike in Baghdad.


89%VideoDec 2010

Julian Assange of WikiLeaks - Oslo Freedom Forum, May 2010

(17:52) Spokesperson for whistleblowing website WikiLeaks Julian Assange gives a thought-provoking talk on how information and access to information has changed with the advent of digital storage and the internet. Paraphrasing George Orwell (he who controls the present controls the past), he explains that he who controls today's internet servers controls the intellectual record of mankind. He warns us that Western governments, large corporations, and certain wealthy individuals are increasingly able and trying to permanently remove material from the historical record using sophisticated methods.


88%VideoDec 2010

Robert Foster raps at Free Julian Assange rally

Rap News host Robert Foster makes an impromptu appearance at the Free Julian Assange rally in Melbourne, the city where Wikileaks was first conceived and coded. The point to remember - if we lose this frequency (the internet), we'll be left in the dark.