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VideoSep 2020

Testing a real invisibility shield

(5:45) Magician Chris Ramsay puts invisible shield technology to the test.

VideoJun 2018

Invisible London

(3:51) What does the world look like just beyond the rainbow? This is London in near-infrared.

AnimationJul 2017

Nature's fireworks

(5:15) Our planet is full of creatures with the ability to bioluminesce. And most of them are in the oceans.

VideoSep 2013

Sixty Symbols - How a building melted cars

(8:53) Mike Merrifield from the University of Nottingham discusses London's new Walkie Talkie skyscraper and its ability to melt cars.


VideoDec 2013

How the sun looks at different wavelengths

(2:18) NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory views the sun in multiple wavelengths, each one revealing a little more about its dynamics.


VideoDec 2015

Weird science hidden inside Canadian bank notes

(2:09) Science presenter Steve Mould lets you into a secret about Canada's plastic bank notes.

VideoNov 2019

Quantum stealth light-bending material

(8:54) Promo video for Hyperstealth Biotechnology's invisibility cloak.


VideoMay 2008

Star Wars meets real Wushu

Chinese sword fighting brought into the future


VideoNov 2002

Star Wars Kid

Ghyslain Raza's original version

VideoFeb 2007

Stabbing at Leia's 22nd birthday

Party brawl gets out of hand