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88%AnimationOct 2015

What is light?

(4:38) In a nutshell, light is the connection between us and the universe. But what is it?

88%VideoJun 2016

3D printed light-based zoetrope

(0:34) Zoetrope-like wheel of light by Japanese media artist Akinori Goto.

88%VideoJul 2016

Does this look white to you?

(4:49) Physics Girl sheds some light on colour mixing.

88%VideoJul 2016

Neil deGrasse Tyson: Is the Big Bang a light boom?

(3:41) An interesting question posed to Neil deGrasse Tyson - Could the Big Bang have been the result of something travelling faster than the speed of light?

88%AnimationJul 2017

Nature's fireworks

(5:15) Our planet is full of creatures with the ability to bioluminesce. And most of them are in the oceans.

87%VideoMar 2012

What would it be like to travel inside a black hole?

(10:45) Michael from VSauce describes what it would be like to travel into a black hole according to the physics we know today.


87%VideoNov 2013

Mountain mirrors light up a dark Norwegian town

(2:25) The Norwegian town of Rjukan is located at the bottom of a narrow valley, and for six months of the year it lies in perpetual shade.


87%VideoDec 2013

How the sun looks at different wavelengths

(2:18) NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory views the sun in multiple wavelengths, each one revealing a little more about its dynamics.


87%VideoMar 2014

Glowing sharks, stingrays and eels caught on camera

(3:21) Researchers studying biofluorescent coral also found a shark that reflects certain light, along with a stingray, eel, and other fish.

87%AnimationApr 2014

Royal Observatory Greenwich - How big is the universe?

(4:43) Since the Big Bang happened 13.8 billion years ago, does that mean the universe is 13.8 billion light years across?