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VideoNov 2016

Counter Arguments - Political Correctness

(3:59) Activist and MTV host Franchesca Ramsey claims that political correctness is not anti-free speech.


VideoAug 2015

John Cleese on political correctness

(1:14) If touchy people ruled the world ...


VideoDec 2015

The untold story of Muslim opinions and demographics

(14:34) Studies paint a picture of an Islamic world that is increasingly out of step with the modern world.


VideoFeb 2009

Chris Matthews debates New York Post dead chimp cartoon

Newspaper that specialises in outrage intentionally prints a controversial cartoon that could be interpreted in different ways


VideoFeb 2016

John Cleese on causing offence, political correctness, and 1984

(2:37) Big Think 2016.

VideoJan 2017

Steven Pinker - The decadent phase of political correctness

(4:29) Cognitive scientist Steven Pinker explains how political correctness has moved into its decadent phase to justify its continued existence.

VideoSep 2015

TYT - Sarah Silverman on political correctness

(9:11) Recently Jerry Seinfeld and other prominent comedians said they will no longer perform at universities because the environment is too politically correct. Sarah Silverman had a different perspective.


AnimationMay 2016

The Philosophy of South Park - Season 19

(17:25) South Park's themes of political correctness, gentrification, and advertising analysed.


SoundMar 2009

Stewart Lee on 'political correctness gone mad'

From David Badiel's BBC Radio 4 programme 'Heresey'


VideoApr 2016

Bill Maher: New Rule - Beige against the machine

(5:55) Bill Maher looks for the sweet spot between the PC police and the Baltimore police.