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94%VideoNov 2017

Scientists detect first interstellar asteroid

(3:15) Unlike any other asteroid or comet observed in our solar system.


93%PictureDec 2011

Asteroid stocks up before continuing on its long journey


90%VideoFeb 2013

Bill Nye: February 15 asteroid will miss Earth by 15 minutes

(4:03) Science Guy and CEO of The Planetary Society, Bill Nye explains about the asteroid named 2012 DA14 that will skim Earth, relatively speaking, by about 17,000 miles.


88%AnimationAug 2013

The Solar System - Our home in space

(7:21) Fantastic description of our Solar System putting some perspective into the bodies that orbit the sun

88%VideoOct 2013

Cosmic Roulette

(12:26) Whether we like it or not, we are playing a game of cosmic roulette, and it's one game we cannot afford to lose.


88%VideoNov 2013

Neil deGrasse Tyson talks asteroid physics with 9-year-old boy

(6:54) 9-year-old Jacob suggests some ideas on how to save the world from incoming asteroids.

88%VideoApr 2014

NASA's plan to save Earth from killer asteroids

(5:58) NASA's asteroid redirect mission to spot dangerous incoming asteroids, and know what to do about them.

88%VideoSep 2015

NASA's 'Hedgehog' comet rover concept

(2:11) Following in the footsteps of Philae, the European Space Agency's spacecraft that recently landed on comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko, NASA's Hedgehog will explore the microgravity environment of comets and asteroids by hopping and rolling around on them.


88%VideoSep 2014

Monty Python asteroids

(0:56) Monty Python has a series of asteroids named after it. As well as there being an asteroid called Monty Python, there are also asteroids named after each member of the comedy group.

87%VideoApr 2012

Asteroid mining mission revealed by Planetary Resources

(3:15) American spacecraft/mining company Planetary Resources are on a mission to mine near-Earth asteroids for raw materials, ranging from water to precious metals.