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96%VideoDec 2014

Elizabeth Warren attacks Citigroup and its bailout provision

(9:44) December 12, 2014. Senator Elizabeth Warren spoke on the floor of the Senate about the provision that Citigroup added to the omnibus budget package.


95%VideoMar 2013

Elizabeth Warren: What does it take to shut down a bank?

(7:35) Senator Elizabeth Warren asks the experts for their opinion on what it would take to bring a bank to trial over money laundering.


95%VideoOct 2014

Elizabeth Warren on fighting back against corporate giants

(25:28) Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren talks to Bill Moyers about the corporate interests that have infiltrated government.


94%VideoDec 2013

Elizabeth Warren: Why isn't minimum wage $22?

(4:56) Senator Elizabeth Warren at a hearing in Massachusetts over the minimum wage.


94%VideoMay 2014

Elizabeth Warren: Washington is rigged for the rich

(2:40) Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts reads from her book 'A Fighting Chance'.


94%VideoApr 2019

Elizabeth Warren breaks down climate change fight

(3:42) The key to addressing climate change is getting money out of politics.


94%VideoFeb 2013

Senator Elizabeth Warren's first Banking Committee Hearing

(7:39) Senior US Senator from Massachusetts and Democratic Elizabeth Warren quizzes the banking panel over the last time a major Wall Street bank was taken to trial.


93%VideoJun 2015

Elizabeth Warren confused over how regulation deters bad banking

(7:35) Elizabeth Warren expresses outrage over JP Morgan CEO, Jamie Dimon's salary in the year he negotiated $17 billion of bank fines for illegal activity.


93%VideoApr 2019

Elizabeth Warren calls out Republican hypocrisy



92%VideoMay 2013

Elizabeth Warren introduces 'Bank on Students Loan Fairness Act'

(6:32) Senator from Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren introduces her first bill: the Bank on Students Loan Fairness Act.