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97%VideoFeb 2012

Milton Friedman - Why drugs should be legalised

(7:56) Free market economist Milton Friedman puts forward a compelling case for the legalisation of drugs.


97%VideoAug 2012

The Romney-Ryan economic plan

(2:55) Consequences of the Romney-Ryan economic plan and why it would be a disaster for America, according to political economist Robert Reich.


95%VideoOct 2013

Robert Reich - Why are Americans so angry?

(3:42) American economist Robert Reich looks t why Americans are so bitterly divided.


94%VideoMar 2017

Richard Wolff explains the national debt

(6:11) American Marxian economist Richard Wolff explains how we got to austerity.


94%VideoMar 2017

Richard Wolff - When the capitalist economy fails, blame foreigners

(7:39) Excerpt from Global Capitalism, a monthly live speech by economist Richard Wolff.


94%VideoApr 2014

Patrimonial capitalism, a future dominated by inherited wealth

(24:30) Nobel Prize winning economist Paul Kruger discusses Thomas Piketty's, 'Capital in the Twenty-First Century'.


94%VideoSep 2013

Memo reveals plan to eliminate all banking regulations across the planet

(12:27) BBC investigative journalist Greg Palast obtained a memo between Larry Summers, Obama's first choice for head of the Federal Reserve, and his protege Timothy Geitner, that reveals plans to roll back financial regulation globally.


94%VideoNov 2013

Robert Reich - Raise the minimum wage

(2:30) Economist Robert Reich explains why raising the minimum wage to $9 should be a no-brainer.


94%VideoApr 2016

Milton Friedman: Normal state of man is tyranny and misery

(9:06) American economist Milton Friedman's conjecture on "Golden Ages" throughout history and flaws in the welfare state.


94%VideoFeb 2017

Robert Reich - Trump's infrastructure plan, or scam?

(2:09) Economist Robert Reich explains how President Trump plans to pay for rebuilding America's crumbling infrastructure.