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VideoNov 2011

Robert Reich - Occupy Democracy

Who are the real public nuisances - protesters peacefully protesting, or big money in democracy? American economist Robert Reich hits the nail on the head.


VideoOct 2010

Milton Friedman: Nobody believes in democracy

American economist Milton Friedman points out the blindingly obvious problem with democracy. He prefers individual freedom.


VideoOct 2011

The seven biggest economic lies

(2:47) American political economist and author Robert Reich, who served under Republican president Gerald Ford and Democrat presidents Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton, reveals the seven biggest lies about the economy.


VideoFeb 2013

Robert Reich: Challenge is jobs, not cutting deficit

(3:08) American political economist Robert Reich explains why cutting the deficit is the wrong direction to go.

VideoMar 2020

Richard Wolff | JP Morgan Chase: Fossil fuels are not a profitable investment

(3:50) A private report paid for by JP Morgan Chase has concluded that climate change is real, and when the costs of environmental damage are factored in, investments in fossil fuels are not profitable.


VideoMar 2009

Harvard economist advocates legalisation of marijuana

Jeffrey Miron speaks about the reasons why the war on drugs needs to stop


VideoApr 2014

Patrimonial capitalism, a future dominated by inherited wealth

(24:30) Nobel Prize winning economist Paul Kruger discusses Thomas Piketty's, 'Capital in the Twenty-First Century'.


VideoOct 2013

Robert Reich - Why are Americans so angry?

(3:42) American economist Robert Reich looks t why Americans are so bitterly divided.


VideoSep 2019

Thom Hartmann | Richard Wolff explains why banks want reserve requirements reduced

(12:01) Banks lend out almost all the money they have on deposit. That means if those deposits were claimed, they would not be able to pay out.

VideoMay 2019

Robert Reich | Why we need a wealth tax

(3:51) The difference between income and wealth taxes, and why taxing wealth is needed to reduce inequality.