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87%VideoMar 2018

Trump's Brand is Ayn Rand

(4:56) Economist Robert Reich explains why Ayn Rand's ideas have destroyed the common good.


86%VideoAug 2011

The truth about the economy

American political economist Robert Reich connects the dots and explains, in less than 2 minutes 15 seconds, what's wrong with the economy


86%VideoJan 2015

Inequality For All (2013) - Trailer

(1:47) Documentary in which economist Robert Reich discusses the grave economic and social consequences that may result if the gulf between rich and poor continues to widen.

86%VideoNov 2017

Robert Reich - A year without a president

(8:38) Who's running America?


86%VideoDec 2017

The biggest threat to the Resistance that you've never heard of

(3:21) Economist Robert Reich explains SLAPP lawsuits and the threat they pose to public interest groups.

86%AnimationMar 2018

Robert Riech - Stock Buybacks

(2:40) Before 1982, stock buybacks were illegal. Economist Robert Reich explains why they should again be made illegal.


86%VideoApr 2018

Have we lost the common good?

(2:02) Most Americans no longer believe that the major institutions of society - government, corporations, banks, charities, and universities - work for them.


79%VideoOct 2011

The seven biggest economic lies

(2:47) American political economist and author Robert Reich, who served under Republican president Gerald Ford and Democrat presidents Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton, reveals the seven biggest lies about the economy.


79%VideoFeb 2013

Robert Reich: Challenge is jobs, not cutting deficit

(3:08) American political economist Robert Reich explains why cutting the deficit is the wrong direction to go.

71%VideoNov 2011

Robert Reich - Occupy Democracy

Who are the real public nuisances - protesters peacefully protesting, or big money in democracy? American economist Robert Reich hits the nail on the head.