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94%VideoApr 2019

Award-winning footage of the microscopic world around us

(3:19) Fascinating glimpse into the realm of the extremely tiny at the 2018 Nikon Small World Motion Photomicrography Competition.

92%VideoNov 2017

Nikon - Best videos through a microscope

(1:36) An octopus egg hatching, a glistening fingerprint, and fungus attacking a mosquito - the best microscopic videos of the year.

89%VideoJul 2009

Zooming into human skin

(2:59) Explore the envelope of the body, a living border between the inside and the outside, between wet and dry, the tormented landscape known as skin.


88%VideoJul 2013

Everyday plants and insects magnified thousands of times

(2:09) Stefan Diller uses high-powered microscopes and computer software to create stunning footage of plants and insects magnified thousands of times.

88%VideoSep 2014

Zoom into a microchip

(3:40) Zooming into a microchip, first with a digital SLR camera, and then with a scanning electron microscope (SEM).

88%VideoJan 2015

Amazing worlds within our world

(9:30) The small looks very different when viewed big.


88%VideoMar 2018

Amazing pictures through a microscope

(3:20) The 20 best microscope photos from the 2017 Nikon Small World photographic contest.

87%VideoApr 2013

Have you ever seen an atom?

(2:32) Scientists at the University of California have created stunningly detailed 3D reconstructing of platinum nano particles at an atomic scale.


87%VideoJul 2013

Microscopic world of corals

(8:36) Scientists at the University of Hawaii use a laser scanning confocal microscope to see images of corals never experienced before.

87%VideoAug 2016

Pond safari

(1:28) Microscopic life in single drop of pond water.