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VideoJul 2019

The "do more" mindset that is ruining the planet

(11:51) Something's got to give.


VideoJul 2012

North Korean film exposes Western propaganda

(12:18) Uncomfortably close to the truth? Excerpt from North Korean propaganda film about the ills of Western society.


VideoApr 2012

What is the self?

(3:02) Biology tells us that the human body is an ecosystem of trillions of bacteria, microbes and viruses. So when it comes to pondering 'what is the self?' are we really the separate beings we imagine we are?


VideoAug 2012

The World In 2 Minutes - Brazil

(2:29) Mashup of video clips that describe the culture and eccentricities of Brazil.

VideoDec 2012

Information overload, or is it obesity?

(4:00) There's a big difference between what you want and what you need. And when it comes to consuming information, the choice you make today affects the information you get tomorrow.


VideoMar 2013

Charles Murray: Are you a snob?

(4:58) Do the elite live in a bubble? If you have a disdain for mass-market beer and you run the country, the you probably do.

VideoMay 2013

TYT - Singapore ranked the least happy country in the world

(9:55) An interesting Gallup poll ranked Singapore below Afghanistan. Also surprising were the happiest countries that topped the list.

VideoAug 2013

Bad and sad Section 8 rental experience

(9:53) Section 8 is a US government rental scheme to get private landlords to rent to low income households. Second half of the video shows the house before it was rented, and the story behind it. Well worth watching/reading.


VideoFeb 2014

What are the new rules for a human/robot society?

(9:05) As technology advances at a pace, it's time to consider the moral and ethical implications of robots in society.


VideoApr 2014

Jamie Dunmore - My call for humanity

(5:59) Have we actually found freedom, or have we lost it?