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98%VideoFeb 2014

How to save yourself if you are alone and choking

(1:50) Firefighter and paramedic Jeff Rehman demonstrates how to save yourself from choking if there is no one around to help.

98%VideoNov 2014

Crazy Russian Hacker - How to open a can without a can opener

(3:07) Crazy Russian Hacker is back attacking you with zombie survival tips.

94%VideoNov 2013

She's alive... hurting, and worth dying for

(4:59) Video highlighting the fact that world leaders, irresponsible corporations, and mindless consumers are combining to destroy life on Earth.


94%VideoMay 2016

Conan - Seismologist's quake survival tips

(7:56) Feel the relief of knowing you're more likely to be murdered in LA than die in an earthquake.

94%VideoJul 2016

Escape! The Supercut

(2:56) Wild reality.

94%VideoMay 2013

Why do humans engage in so many impractical activities?

(2:13) Evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins discusses why we do things that have no direct bearing on our ability to survive, such as ballet, poetry or mathematics.


93%VideoAug 2010

Man tricks baboon into telling him his secret

(4:44) In the Kalahari, water is in short supply. The battle between brain and baboon begins.


93%VideoAug 2013

Making fire with a water bottle

(3:42) Survival tip for making a fire with a water bottle and a piece of paper.


93%VideoApr 2019

Bear Grylls reviews survival movies

(11:04) Former SAS serviceman and survivalist Bear Grylls reviews how realistic survival movies are.

91%VideoJan 2007

Bear Grylls - The new Steve Irwin

Also known as 'The Kid who climbed Everest