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VideoNov 2016

Counter Arguments - Political Correctness

(3:59) Activist and MTV host Franchesca Ramsey claims that political correctness is not anti-free speech.


VideoJan 2015

In defence of Paris terrorists

(2:35) Lee Ann Mcadoo comments on how the politically correct police have cowered to the demands of the perpetually offended.


VideoFeb 2011

The Doha Debates - Is the world is better off with WikiLeaks?

(47:01) The motion is: This house believes the world is a better place with WikiLeaks. Speakers for and against battle it out on stage with a live audience and are kept in check by the brilliant chair, Tim Sebastien. The Doha Debates is Qatar's independent forum for free speech and tackles the region's most controversial and topical issues.

VideoDec 2011

SOPA Cabana

Dan Bull's warning from a dystopian future


AnimationJan 2012

Arion - Internet Rebellion

(3:13) Even dubstep hates SOPA. Those with photosensitive epilepsy should not watch this. It contains lots of fast cutting.

AnimationJan 2012

What is ACTA?

(6:32) ACTA is an international trade agreement currently being negotiated by the EU, US, Japan, Canada, South Korea, Australia as well as a few other countries, whose aim is to enforce copyright and tackle counterfeited goods, hence its acronym: Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement.


VideoJul 2013

Disappointed US slams Russia for allowing Edward Snowden free speech

(3:02) According to the US government, Edward Snowden is not a whistleblower, pedals propaganda, and should be denied free speech.


VideoJul 2013

Is the right to occupy a First Amendment right?

(7:21) Real News report on the debate over the expulsion of the Occupy movements from public spaces.


VideoFeb 2020

TYT | Reporting on coronavirus will get you arrested in China

(7:25) Freedom of speech protects lives.

VideoNov 2013

Rick Falkvinge - The politics of protest

(15:11) Founder and leader of the Swedish Pirate Party, Rick Falkvinge, is now a proper politician employed by the European Parliament.