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86%VideoJan 2018

Steven Pinker: 4 reasons for defending free speech



86%VideoAug 2018

TYT | Alex Jones suspended from Twitter for inciting violence

(10:45) Will a week's suspension from Twitter change Alex Jones?

82%VideoFeb 2015

Neil Gaiman reads his credo, what he believes

(4:05) Comic book author Neil Gaiman reads his credo on freedom of speech, written after the Charlie Hebdo massacre.


80%AnimationJan 2012

Arion - Internet Rebellion

(3:13) Even dubstep hates SOPA. Those with photosensitive epilepsy should not watch this. It contains lots of fast cutting.

76%VideoJul 2013

Is the right to occupy a First Amendment right?

(7:21) Real News report on the debate over the expulsion of the Occupy movements from public spaces.


64%VideoSep 2012

Freedom of speech, and 'The Innocence of Muslims'

(3:14) Once again, offended Muslims around the world bring to the forefront the question of freedom of speech.


59%VideoApr 2008

Ben Stein blown out of the water

Creationist Ben Stein is taken to task over his inability to distinguish between science and free speech


54%VideoMay 2016

Salman Rushdie: Violent mutations of Islam are still Islam

(5:49) British Indian author Salman Rushdie on the worrying trend to censor religious criticism.