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93%VideoJan 2017

Steven Pinker's f*cking brilliant story

(2:31) Professor of psychology at Harvard tells the true story of what happened when U2 frontman Bono accepted a Golden Globe Award.


88%VideoAug 2011

Do liberals and conservatives think differently?

Cognitive scientist from Yale University, Paul Bloom discusses some differences between conservatives and liberals, for example, how easily they are disgusted. From the 2011 forum 'Glorious, Mysterious Brain' with Steven Pinker and Temple Grandin.


88%VideoDec 2015

Steven Pinker's personal philosophy

(6:11) Canadian-American cognitive scientist Steven Pinker explains his personal philosophy based on reason.

88%VideoAug 2016

TYT - Some great news for once

(8:17) It's easy to think the world is all crazy and messed up, but in many important ways, that is simply not reality.


88%VideoFeb 2018

Bill Gates and Steven Pinker discuss Enlightenment Now

(2:46) People all over the world are living longer, healthier and happier lives, so why do so many think things are getting worse?


88%VideoMay 2018

Steven Pinker - Why intellectuals and media hate progress

(24:41) What is progress, and are we progressing?

87%VideoJan 2012

Steven Pinker - We are living in the most peaceful era in history

(9:00) Are we are living in the most peaceful era in the history of the human race? Canadian/American psychologist Steven Pinker suggests that we are.


87%VideoJan 2017

Steven Pinker - The decadent phase of political correctness

(4:29) Cognitive scientist Steven Pinker explains how political correctness has moved into its decadent phase to justify its continued existence.

87%VideoJul 2017

Steven Pinker on Noam Chomsky's misreading of human nature

(7:22) Cognitive scientist and linguist Steven Pinker explains Noam Chomky's theory of human nature, and why he disagrees.


87%VideoJan 2018

Steven Pinker: Political correctness has done enormous harm

(8:07) Harvard psychology professor Steven Pinker argues that political correctness actually breeds the very same extremist views it hopes to quash.