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93%VideoJan 2012

Oil barons threaten President Obama

(7:16) "Allow construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, or face huge political consequences". That's the message from head of the American Petroleum Institute Jack Gerard to President Barack Obama.


89%VideoNov 2011

Jack Abramoff - The corrupt lobbyist's playbook

(14:53) How corruption behind government works, from the horse's mouth! Crooked lobbyist Jack Abramoff (after doing four years) explains how he asserted his influence in Congress, and how such corruption continues today despite ethics reform. Lesley Stahl from 60 Minutes reports on this jaw dropping story.

88%VideoFeb 2013

The Pot People

(2:59) With recreational marijuana legal in Colorado and Washington, the growing marijuana industry needs its own voice, let's call them the Pot People.

87%VideoJan 2012

How much return do lobbyists get on their 'investments'

A recent study on lobbying by business in the United States revealed that companies that invested in lobbying congress received a 22,000% return on their investments. For every one dollar invested these companies received $220 in tax benefits. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian from The Young Turks discuss this study.


87%VideoJun 2014

John Oliver - Dr Oz, America's most trusted doctor

(16:26) Dr Oz and the $32 billion nutritional supplements industry.

87%VideoMay 2018

Is every cable news network "owned" by big pharma?

(5:52) With the exception of CBS, every major media outlet in the US shares at least one board member with at least one pharmaceutical company.

86%VideoDec 2017

With money comes the capacity to control politics

(4:42) What happens when the rich get tax breaks because they "will create jobs".


85%VideoOct 2009

Media-opoly - Who controls the mainstream media

Does money from lobbyists and corporations influence 'democratic' elections and government policy?


78%VideoJul 2013

BBC SuCks O Cocks News - It's all a fracking confliction!

(9:38) July 20, 2013: Angry taxi driver has a go at corruption between government and corporations.


38%VideoMar 2008

Colbert interviews gay lobbyist

Colbert interviews Joe Solomnese a prominent gay lobbyist from the homosexual rights organization